Vernon King's Bio:
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Vernon King, Jr.

Founder of The Motivating Youth Company

our missioN:

Vernon King Jr. A entrepreneur, entertainer, motivator, counselor, and a mentor to many. Vernon founded the Motivating Youth Company in 2009 when he realized at the age of 16 the positive influence that helped shape his perspective on what it takes to be successful. Being a mentee out of Dallas, TX and having the chance of hearing many great motivational speakers, Vernon changed the way he decided to lead and become a positive role model for young teens and adults. Today Vernon and the Motivating Youth Company have provided services for more that 400,000 kids, teens & young adults. Vernon understands that kids, teens, and young adults, need consistent mentorship, motivation, and inspiration that will make a long-lasting impact on their path toward their DESTINY! Vernon's favorite quote is;
"It is your life, you should love it."

why choose MYC:

Here at the Motivating Youth Company We measure our service to clients from low to high quality, always striving to reach a high quality standard. We offer high quality professional services for all youth and student organizations, programs and/or special events. Our goal is to leave our clients and participants with complete service satisfaction.

The Motivating Youth Company provide services for kids, teens, youth & young adult affiliated programs across the United States. We provide speakers, counselors, and contract management services for our clients. We inspire and encourage students and student workers all over the United States and hope to partner with you.