Oh yea! We give out over $25,000 a year to high school seniors! Apply between March 15th - May 15th every year there may be a $1,000.00 dollar scholarship for you! 

Are you studying/majoring in education, business management, social work, leadership studies? We may have a paid internship opportunity for you. Please click the contact us tab and submit an inquiry for an application. 

We not only will provide you with the best motivational speakers and other fun attributes to conferences. We will also make sure to stay connected to those that we impact & inspire.


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The company's objective is to inspire and encourage youth all over the United States. We plan to do so through the best motivational speakers, scholarships, mentors and internships for undergraduate students. We aspire to teach and remind our youth of their value and power. We inspire, teach and encourage youth to live successful lives at early ages. We do so by showing youth different paths to achievement and challenging them to take one or make one! 

The founder of the Motivating Youth Company is Vernon King. Vernon hopes to lead and leave a legacy of inspiring youth through his educational and entrepreneurial experiences. He is a firm believer of the words "It's your life, you should love it." "Read more about Vernon King Jr. by clicking the link below.

Our high school & university heroes mentoring  program  for youth ages 6 - 18 has provided one to one mentorship to over 5,000 boys and girls..

We offer students in school a great deal of services facilitated by the best motivational speakers during assemblies, seminars, and other fun learning enviornment.